On The Phone Classes

Q. What are Phone Classes?
Being eloquent in English is much more than just learning the rules of English grammar, phonetics, pronunciation or vocabulary. It is all about speaking not only fluently but also developing in one-self the ability to express in a structured and coherent way to the listener. That is why learning English on the phone is so effective. It provides an opportunity for the learner to:

  • Customize their own program to meet their individual requirements
  • Learn at their pace in a supportive environment
  • Individual Attention by the trainer
  • Saves time and cost in travelling
  • Sessions can also be recorded for further practice

Q. Are these classes effective?
Yes, these classes are effective. As these are customized according to the needs of the individuals, the learner is also free to discuss his/her concerns with the trainer. Feedback sessions by the trainer also form a very important part of this exercise. These sessions can also be recorded for further practice.
All our clients- the business people, office executives, and college students have found them beneficial and result-oriented.

Q. Who will call me?
A. We will call you at a pre-decided time.

Q. Do you conduct group classes as well?
A. These are individual 1-1 sessions with the trainer. However, we have trainers who conduct group sessions on special request as well.

Q. Are 20 minutes sufficient?
A. Yes, a human brain can concentrate only for 20-30 minutes on a particular thing. The rigorous practice sessions of 30 minutes every day are more than sufficient.

Q. How to get started?
A. We conduct a pre-assessment to determine your level where we have to start our exercises from. This assessment can be in the form of verbal discussion, a written test or both.
After the level is decided and the areas of improvement mutually identified, a trainer is assigned to you who calls you daily at an agreed time to conduct the practice sessions.

Q. What will be the duration of the course and the no. of classes/month?
Course Duration – 3 months
No. of Classes/month – 20 in no.
Duration of the Classes – 20 minutes every day (Monday – Friday)

Q. What will be the fees/month?
A. Please call +91 971 780 0032

Q. Do i have to pay the entire 3 months fees in one go?
A. No, you can pay in monthly instalments. Payment will be taken in advance.
However, if the fees for the course is paid in one go, you can avail a Discount of 5%.

Q. What will be the class timings?
A. The class timings will be mutually decided at convenience.

Q. What will be the course content?
A. The trainer focuses on not only Speaking Skills but also Grammar – Sentence Structure, Determiners, Tenses, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Adjectives, Adverbs, Phrases etc. to make speaking more effective. We ensure not to overload you with a lot of content or homework. The vocabulary and pronunciation is worked on along with as and when required by your speech. We also mail you the reading material and exercises which give you a more practical insight to your speaking abilities. You can, thus, learn at your pace.

Q. In how much time I will be able to learn?
A. It depends on the effort and initiative put in by yourself towards your own growth. The inputs given by the trainer need to be put in practice.

Q. How will I improve on my vocabulary and pronunciation?
A. Your vocabulary and pronunciation will be taken care of by the trainer during the course of your practice sessions.

Q. I am very weak in English. I cannot speak a word?
A. Do not worry. What we need from your side is only your commitment and honest effort.

Q. What if I miss the class on a particular day?
A. The missed class will not be counted. Only the classes that you attend will be counted. However, the missed classes should be covered in the next one month.

Q. Will I get a certificate?
A. Yes, you will get a certificate from EloquentNOW.