Shubra Singh

IT Officer – Allahabad Bank
My classes with Ms. Anjali Gupta have been awesome.I have been taking classes for almost three months now. I am really happy about my improvement. Now, i feel more comfortable and secure while speaking to others and more fluent too. One great thing about the class is that i could fix my goals with her. She customized the sessions according to my requirement. I thank her for all her patience and extraordinary enjoyment of coaching people on Public Speaking. I fully recommend her Public Speaking Club.

Satish Lakhchora

Business Development Manager – Netcellence Technologies
It’s been three months since I started taking class’s from Anjali, It has been a great opportunity for me to learn under her guidance, The best part of the class is, It has helped me in enhancing my confidence while speaking to a group and public. A big shout out to Anjali for her efforts in helping me to improve my communication skills.

P.S. I would recommend her for those who are in corporate and want to improve their public speaking skills. Best, Satish

Natassia Sehgal

Anjali ma’am is a very empathizing and observant person. She puts her best foot forward to improve her students and helps them to achieve their goals. She personally takes the painstaking effort of improving the student and polishes a person very well so that they can face life challenges.There are several domains where she is keen on helping people. Everyone has certain drawbacks, she would help one to sail through. I would personally suggest her name to others as well to give her talent a bigger platform. I have enjoyed every class and would suggest others to avail this opportunity.

Parul Thakur

I totally enjoyed her professional approach filled with a lot of interaction and fun. She made me understand the finest details of the interview techniques. It is the right place where i got the opportunity to learn so many things. Now i will also be taking her phone classes also to improve my English skills. Thank You Anjali.


I joined EloquentNOW after failing many times in my Campus Interviews.From the very first day of my training, she counselled me for my mistakes like a good teacher.Her method of teaching and motivating me to practice rigorously made me a better person. I am a different person now with enhanced speaking skills and my confidence boosted to a new level. Now , i have been placed in a reputed company in telecom sector. Thanks Mam.


Authorised Distributor – Refrigerator Products, Spare Parts
Thank you for taking a wonderful session on Customer Centricity. It was very enlightening and Helpful.

Apurv Yadav

Management Trainee at Greka Drilling
Soft skill training given by Anjali Ma`am & her team was very beneficial for me & my friends who were pursuing MBA from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. It helped all of us to get mentally prepared for the job interview ahead. Mock interview sessions were really a value addition for all of us. I must agree she is very dedicated towards her work & the best part of the course was the customization part in which we were asked about our expectations from the training & all possible attempts were made to exceed our expectations

Santosh Dagur

Social Media Manager at Eros Tours
She is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with. She was a fantastic person to work with. Hardworking, always punctual and precise trainer. Is creative and pro-active in finding solutions. Her Workshop on Team Building was quiet effective and beneficial to the participants in the long run.

Sandhya Garg

Associate Manager- HR at Accel Frontline Ltd.
We hired her services as a trainer for our employees. She is very dedicated and hardworking professional. Anjali has specialties like customer centric approach, smiling face, disciplined personality and excellent communication skills. Looking at her attitude and spirit towards work, she will go a long way.
I wish her good luck for her future assignments.

Sneha Pandey

Chennai, INDIA
I have always been busy. I used to wonder as to how i would be able to improve on my communication skills when i did not have enough time for my family and myself. I don’t ever remembering hearing of a training program which was so practical to put in practice doing my own work from wherever i was. English-On-Phone has helped me tremendously to not only achieve a better level of performance, but improve my work life balance and ability to sustain a high level of performance.

Harmeet Singh

New Delhi, INDIA
I am a Japanese language expert by profession. My job profile is to translate and interpret from English to Japanese and vice-versa. You can make conjecture how challenging job this is. However, English was a weakness of mine from beginning. Speaking English was like climbing Mount Everest for me. I felt hesitant to speak English before others. I always got despaired whenever I saw people speaking in English because it was not the same in my case. I was continuously facing challenges especially at the time of translation or interpretation. I realized if I want to make a better career in this field, I have no other alternative other than learning it.

I was looking for an English trainer who could teach me and help improve personality development simultaneously. Then I got to know about Ms. Anjali’s classes. I contacted her and met personally. At first meeting, she listened to my problem and ensured that learning English is not a difficult task; it is just a matter of dedication and hard work. After having had positive discussion, I decided to join her. At present, it has been more than 6 months learning the language under her guidance. I feel great improvement and confidence if I compare myself with the previous time. I am able to confront people speaking confidently. She always keeps working on my personality development as well and guides me how else I can re-frame a sentence in a better way. It helped me a lot even in translation and interpretation. Now, I can say, “Yes, English is not as difficult as it seemed earlier”. I know it is a long way to go therefore I keep working on honing up my language skill.

Friends, there might be lots of people like me in the world who are coming across the same situation. For them, I would counsel one thing, there is nothing which we cannot achieve unless we have to be honest towards our goals and keep on working with dedication.

JOIN EloquentNow and you will see the change in yourself in the days to come.

Best of luck to all of you!