Winning Your Stage Fear

April 14, 2019

Winning Your Stage Fear

By Anjali Gupta

Public Speaking has been the most ignored skill in the world yet the most sought after. When I googled it, I got around 1,58,00,00,000 results just in 0.70 seconds, as on April 14, 2019 at 10:33 am (Indian Time).

This indicates that most of us are willing to reach out the seekers of this skill and help them gain the confidence required to hone this skill. Despite this information raining around us like cats and dogs, one tends to wonder if it is Pubic Speaking which is so difficult or we make it so?

Figure 1.1

Let us have a look at Figure 1.1, what do we see here?


This is exactly what happens. We visualize a BLACK DOT alone NOT the whiteness that surrounds it. We only look at the areas which we are not good at, in turn creating a flight or freeze response inside us.


– Feel comfortable dwelling in fear
– Decipher it as painful and refuse to look at it ever again
– Refuse to focus on the gloomier part of our skill
– Possibility of getting embarrassed in front of people
– Loom in endless stress for being an introvert, not knowing English, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocab etc. etc. etc.


A. Set a Goal – By the end of the year 2019 [31 Dec 2019], I will start speaking confidently on the stage.
B. Methodology I will use
a) Join Regular Classroom sessions
b) Identify a Personal Coach


If you wish to succeed as a speaker in life,do not delay the action required to be taken at your end. The regular classroom sessions or a Personal Coach would be your guiding light in the dilemma you face while speaking, helping you to seek answer to your moments of doubt when on stage, and bring clarity to your thought process.